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Endurance Racing Returns


VEC may be on ice till 2016, but for those of you that enjoyed our 24 hours of Spa one off endurance race, we’ll be organizing another to whet your appetite. The volume of GT cars available in Forza Motorsport 6 is impressive and encouraging, but to be sure the builds are ready to endure an entire calendar year we have devised an endurance race that allows us to see how they play out. Just to ensure we have a mix of all types of twists, turns, sweepers, and straights, we can think of no better track than the Nurburgring. Daunting as it may be, its a perfect test bed for endurance racing that tests driver consistency and focus. High banked curbing in some areas that will upset the car, flat or rolled curbs in other areas means that drivers will be playing as much a memory game as they are racing. Nurburgring isn’t always at the top of sim drivers’ favorite tracks, but no one can contend that this track isn’t both challenging and rewarding. Consistency is vital here, not only on a personal level but the whole team must be on their game to ensure finishing…never mind a podium finish in what will be a grueling 12 hour endurance race. So with all that forward, we are pleased to bring you the N12, a 6 stint, 12 hour endurance event at the Nurburgring 24 layout on November 28th 10am EST / 3pm GMT.


In selecting cars for this stand alone event, we didn’t want to simply run the same cars as VEC. Prototypes really don’t have a place at the Nordschleife, but touring cars have really made a home at the German juggernaut. The 2015 N12 will be a multi-class event, featuring both Grand Touring (GT3) and Touring Cars (NGTC / WTCC).  This mix of cars offers a definite gap in power to ensure plenty of overtaking. The touring cars are quite agile, but lack the ferocity that may turn some drivers off to the grand touring cars. Surprisingly effective handling and brakes, the touring cars are sure to be a favorite among many.

       Touring Cars (TC) Class

• Audi S3
• BMW 125i
• Honda Civic
• Mercedes A45 AMG
• Toyota Avensis


       Grand Touring (GT) Class

• Audi R8
• Bentley Continental
• BMW Z4
• Chevrolet Corvette
• Dodge Viper
• Ferrari 458
• Mclaren 12C
• Mercedes Benz SLS
• Lamborghini Gallardo


We are very pleased to see such a wide variety of cars to choose from. While we have taken great pains to balance these classes, the builds aren’t etched in stone. After the builds are released, feel free to test them out and share your opinions on any changes that might need to take place. That said, some drivers are simply more comfortable in certain cars, so just because you’re faster in a car doesn’t mean its the dominant choice. If you find that you, your friends, and others in the forums are fastest or slowest in a car, please bring that to our attention. We welcome feedback, constructive observations, and suggestions. The initial builds will be released on Saturday, October 10th.

Forza Motorsport’s latest installment in the franchise brings night and rain conditions and we will be using at least one stint of each. Exactly how many night or rain stints? Truth be told we are still working all that out. We want to ensure this is a challenging yet fun event that can provide opportunities for straining that driver focus. A wet round can be seen as both a burden and a blessing. For those teams that need to make up some mileage, a rainy stint may be just what they need to gain ground on the rest of the field.


Now you know the date, you know the cars, and you know the challenge ahead. It’s up to you to assemble your drivers With the above in mind you know the cars and track so it’s over to you to assemble your drivers and get ready for the Green Hell.

     Martin Hall | TURN Operations Manager



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    Gashi Gashi (X Gashi X) • 3 years ago

    I need a team running the viper to hire me. That will be all.

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    Hunter Wood (TLR Eclipse) • 2 years ago

    That Vette Ferrari Pic looks Real…