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V8 Supercars coming to Sundays!


The juggernauts of Australian racing, the V8 Supercars, are making their way to Sundays with TURN. Utilizing all five 2015 V8 Supercar manufacturers, we will be running a 10 week calendar starting on Sunday October 11th. We are so excited to announce that they will be running in stock form, that no balancing is necessary to make these cars competitive. From Circuit of the Americas to the mighty Bathurst, there will be plenty of opportunity for drivers to prove their worth in the hot seat of these savage beasts. Since this championship will be taking place in Forza Motorsport 6, we will be capitalizing on the recently returned spectator features to provide a live stream with commentary for each of the 10 rounds.

In the real V8 Supercars championship, they have 3 different types of races: Super Sprint, Super Street, and Endurance Cup. Each type of race has a different duration and focus. Since we do not have the luxury of spreading our V8 Supercars racing across an entire weekend, we have condensed the format in a way that we feel best showcases the talents of the drivers while putting on a display of incredible skill and excitement. Race weekends will either be a 90 minute Endurance Cup or a two race event with a 20 minute Super Sprint followed by a 45 minute Super Street. Qualifying would take place on Sundays at 2pm EST / 7pm BST with the racing kicking off at 3pm EST / 8pm BST. The details are outlined below.

event details

Lobbies will be capped at 20 drivers, to make room for our live timing car, as well as a spot for a couple spectating staff for commentary. We will be accepting entries of 1 to 3 drivers each piloting their own car with a team livery that abides by the livery rules outlined in our community forums. The threads for this series will open tomorrow (Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015). The V8 Supercar series will have a driver championship and a team championship, with privateer entries excluded from the team championship. For entries with 3 cars, only the top 2 cars will count towards the team championship standings.

As for car selection for each entry, manufacturers will be initially limited to 8 cars. There are five manufacturers available, so this means that the first wave of registration will be for 40 committed drivers. After we have accepted entries for 40 cars, we will open up additional waves of 4 cars per manufacturer (20 more cars) until the season starts. Organization affiliated entries, such as those from teams like F4H, PTG, NGR, TLR, and BTR, cannot choose the same manufacturer for multiple entries.

Points 2015

For points, we will be adopting a slightly modified version of the established TURN point scale. This scale adapts to 20 driver lobbies, with repeating points for lobby D and beyond. At the end of the championship, if any two drivers have identical points, the higher placement will be given to the driver with the highest finishing position in a single race, or the driver with the better average finishing position, should that delineation be necessary.

Driver aids (traction control, anti-lock brakes, stability control, driving line) will not be forced off in interest of not scaring off drivers that currently depend on these assists, however…we would strongly encourage participants to drive at least without traction control, anti-lock brakes, and stability control. The driving aids in Forza Motorsport 6 are incredibly invasive. Traction control in particular can choke out much of the power band of these cars. We implore drivers to do some testing without these aids to see that its actually faster, more fun, and is the way the series was intended to be run.

Schedule 2015

The schedule is packed with several new and exciting tracks for the upcoming season, with the 5th and 10th round slated to be our Endurance Cup weekends. Of note is Daytona (24 hour circuit) and Bugatti, which will be run at night. We aren’t total maniacs, there are currently no plans to run any of these rounds under rain conditions. These cars are fun enough without rain getting in the way.


There will be Forza credits in the winnings pot along with some DLC codes thanks to our friends over at Turn 10, namely Ian Webster. However, we haven’t worked out the exact details of the prizes and their distribution…but come to think of it, who ever needed a reason to race for glory in these awesome machines? I am personally looking forward to watching the action and commentating on the brilliant racing we are sure to see come out of this series, and I hope you are too. Registration will open on Wednesday, September 23rd, so start talking to your friends and teammates and get your painter working on a livery. The staff would also like to thank Anthony Mahone for doing a lot of the initial development of this series.

We strongly believe in delivering the quality and features that the TURN community expects, and we would greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and thoughts  either in the comments below, over on our forums, on Facebook, or simply let us know what you think by tweeting to us @TURN_Media.

Thanks so much for your time and by telling us your thoughts and views, you help us become The Ultimate Racing Network

     Ryan McDowell | TURN Site Manager



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    Tom Maynard (Maynard093) • 3 years ago

    Yeah! This is going to be good.

  2. Profile Photo

    Stephen Hudec (XPR Roadrunner) • 3 years ago

    Hells to the yeaaahhhh

  3. Profile Photo

    Martin Hall (F4H Trash) • 3 years ago

    I really want to hop in one of the new cars but I’m a sucker for the holden.

  4. Profile Photo

    Dominic Mako (Dominic Mako) • 3 years ago

    I’m hoping I’ll be able to convince two or three people to participate in this series. I’m looking forward to the official race threads to be added on the forum.

  5. Profile Photo

    Jay Diamond (LRT Jay) • 3 years ago

    Ammagawd! I am completely down for this, even though I’m pretty sure it’s like 1 am on a Monday morning for me. Lol

  6. Profile Photo

    (EditedBiscuit51) • 3 years ago

    Now where do I sign up?

  7. Profile Photo

    Ryan McDowell (Cyphon68) • 3 years ago


    For you in particular, your teammates have already registered your team, you just need to officially request your TURN number

  8. Profile Photo

    Hinds (BG Wumba) • 3 years ago

    First proper series that I’ve been totally interested in for a long time!

  9. Profile Photo

    Conner Lewis (AmpUpThe88) • 3 years ago

    Looks fantastic guys! Thank you for catering your schedule to us Americans too! Very interested in running in a series soon. I’m a VIP Forza Motorsport 6 owner and a racing enthusiast. I can chat all day about NASCAR, Formula 1, Indycar, BTCC, etc.