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Farewell to Forza 5 Charity Race

Photo Aug 13, 5 29 52 PM

We are proud to announce that TURN will bring you a final endurance race to wave farewell to Forza Motorsport 5. This is not just any endurance race, TURN be joining forces with @Corn_Wolf and @StellaStig‘s website (The Storefront, a Forza Motorsport oriented website dedicated to showcasing the very best work in liveries, builds, and tunes) to host this as a charity event for cancer research. While it will be one hell of a competition for the drivers for 24 hours, this will also be some fun for the community. An excuse to get together and watch their favorite drivers throughout the 24 hours. We will try to get twelve different streamers for the event to cover each stint, with the stream hosted through our twitch channel. If you want to be one of these streamers, please contact Martin Hall (F4H Trash).

We can already hear you smashing your keyboard demanding we get to details, so we’ll dive right into it. Spa Francorchamps will play host to this send off event, and that can mean only one thing…the glorious roar of GT cars. Entries can include the BMW M3 GT2, Ferrari 458 Italia GT, SRT Viper GTS, and the Corvette ZR1 GT. The race will take place on September 5th starting at 15:00 BST (10 AM EST) and finish on September 6th at 15:00 BST (10 AM EST).

Farewell Forza 5 Charity Event.

Anyone familiar with these types of races will know how they work as in pit driver swaps are not possible the race will be split into twelve two hour stints with the drive time of each stint limited to 1h 45m allowing the host a fifteen minute turn around. To keep the event running as smoothly as possible we will not allow drivers to run double stints between certain stints but this will be outlined more in the signups. Registration will open on Sunday, August 16th. Please take note that due to lobby limitations we will only be accepting 13 teams. When registering, your template must be complete with car choice, team name, and a full driver lineup consisting a minimum of three drivers. We will not accept any entries until car, name, and driver line up are final. Since the entries are limited to 13 and this is a charity event intended to allow lots of drivers to give Forza 5 a proper send off, we will allow teams to have as many as 12 different drivers. That’s right, as few as 3, but as many as 12 drivers per entry. There is a potential here for 156 drivers participating in the 24 hour event, so we hope that everyone can have a great time with this event and will join us for more one off events in the future.

Within 48 hours of this article, you can expect the forum threads to open regarding the specific rules, regulations, builds, and procedures. Courtesy of The Storefront, all the liveries will be provided for this race. Entries will be assigned a painter once they are accepted into the event. The assigned painter from The Storefront will work with each entry to ensure that the livery meets the needs of the team and the event.

We hope to see you all on track and those not able to race come along and join us on twitch.

For any inquiries you can contact Martin Hall (F4H Trash), Phil Morgan (Stella Stig), or Corn Wolf (yeah, he simply goes by Corn Wolf. His parents were cruel.)

     Martin Hall | TURN Operations Manager



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    Ryan McDowell (Cyphon68) • 3 years ago

    12 drivers per entry? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    xCaesars Wrathx (johnboy8722) • 3 years ago

    Or as little as 3 no back to back stints but you can drive more than once and you get a personal painter how awsome and an amazing idea

  3. Profile Photo

    Martin Hall (F4H Trash) • 3 years ago

    its win great wa y to wave FM5 away