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2015 TURN Stewards Announced

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With TURN Masters series going live today, establishing the stewarding team for 2015 is a critical component towards its success. We have carefully evaluated each of the applicants that showed their interest either via private message, email, or post in the forum. We are quite pleased to have gotten so many well qualified stewards showing interest, and believe that we have selected an excellent team.

       Chief Steward

Carson Pittman (TLR Lone Star) takes on the head role of Chief Steward. Carson has run in several series hosted by a many different organizations (even helping administrate a few series) giving him a pretty broad experience range. Currently driving for the small but focused team Tech Life Racing, he has demonstrated he is also one of the most ethical and level headed drivers on the virtual grids. He has some natural leadership qualities that we think will suit him well in his position as Chief Steward.



Anthony Mahone (F4H Lightning) was a pretty easy choice as a steward. Anthony is friendly, never loses his temper, and can think and work well under pressure. He is a well established member of the Fight 4 Her team, and has seen his fair share of things that did and didn’t work with the variety of series he has participated in. Anthony also helps out as one of our TURN forum moderators.

Adam Borros (FerrariFanatic9) has been sim racing since 2012, and despite causing a huge wreck in the Formula Forza Mazda Cup, has grown immensely in his race craft as well as his experience. He currently is enrolled in a motorsport related curriculum at Indiana / Purdue University of Indianapolis, which gives him regular access to several different types of real motorsport at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Adam also has a calm, cool, and collected approach to solving difficult problems.

Stephen Hudec (XPR Roadrunner) of Xtreme Performance Racing brings a huge experience base to the stewarding team. Experience helping in XPLR, Formula Forza, TORA, and even running his own MMTCC (modern muscle touring car championship) for a time, Stephen has seen pretty much everything. Hudec is very passionate about racing and the spirit of competition. He also aspires to have a career in motorsport, having already served as a race manager for Lombardi Honda’s B-Spec operation.

Matt Beeston (LER Maze formerly LER Elysium / VVV Redox) has been a part of the sim racing scene for quite a while, doing his part to further the names of EURC, VVV, RSR, and now LER. In addition, Beeston has helped out in several capacities with a few other sim race organizations. Matt works as an auditor in the real world, so attention to details comes pretty naturally to him.

We had a number of very qualified applicants, and we would like to thank everyone that applied but was not selected to be a steward. We hope that we can still count on you to be an exempliary model of ethical driving and behavior. Thank you for your genuine interest and support.

If you do need to raise an inquiry to the stewards, feel free to use the new email Stewards@TheUltimateRacingNetwork.com and be sure to include any relevant videos or clips demonstrating the violation or inquiry.

Please join us in welcoming and congratulating our 2015 stewards.

     Ryan McDowell | TURN Site Manager



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    Martin Hall (F4H Trash) • 3 years ago

    Welcome aboard guys and congratulations

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    Anthony Mahone (F4H Lightning) • 3 years ago


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    Stephen Hudec (XPR Roadrunner) • 3 years ago


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    Hunter Wood (TLR Eclipse) • 3 years ago

    Nicely done Carson

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    Matt Kennedy (Zermatt) • 3 years ago

    Are applications still open?

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    Ryan McDowell (Cyphon68) • 3 years ago

    Come November, we will open up applications for the 2016 season